Industry-leading companies focus on differentiating themselves in surprisingly simple ways. In the first part of the seminar we will give you the background, and help you translate insights from the positioning strategies of leading companies into practical tools. In the second part, we will use Nordic examples and share the cases of two engineering lead companies, and how each is building strategic differentiation with long-term relevance.
Case 1: Re-positioning to bridge a generation change
Case 2: Re-launching a services business to drive growth

The seminar speakers are co-founders and partners at Quadric, a strategic positioning, brand and marketing consultancy that helps international companies increase differentiation and drive growth. 

Michael Sherain has extensive experience managing international positioning strategy projects in a wide range of industries. He is also an external lecturer in Master and PhD programs at DTU and has been a guest lecturer at Stockholm School of Economics. 

Mark Ronan has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant. He has led or played a significant role in more than 60 major projects, making him more than familiar with the strategies, processes and technologies used in a wide range of industries.  They have both worked extensively in Finland and enjoy the long-term perspective and practicality Finns bring to business.

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