Communicate Your Expertise

We are all experts in something. As a marketing professional, you know everything about your company; your audience may know almost nothing about your company. In order to make a decision, your audience doesn’t need to know everything you know, but they do need to trust you.

This is the great challenge of communication: How do we get our message across in a package that helps our audience rather than overwhelms them?

Our half-day workshop presents ideas for meeting this challenge. We will look at both written and spoken marketing communication. The techniques we introduce will be immediately applicable to your work. You’ll be meeting your next non-expert with new ideas; they will appreciate it!

The workshop is led in English, but the techniques we discuss are universal. And if you feel the need to use Finnish to get your message across, no problem.


8:30     Welcome coffee

8:45     The Challenge: What are your challenges in dealing with non-experts?
            Information control: How do we choose the right information?
            Packaging: Now that we know what to say, how do we say it?

10:15   Stretch your legs

10:30   Data: Numbers are easy to present, but hard to understand.
            Visuals: A picture is worth 1000 words, but only if it’s the right picture!
            Bring it all together to tell a story.

Deron Fuller, IMP Communications Oy
Deron Fuller has been helping people to bridge the communication gap for over 25 years. He is ideal for testing your communication ability with a non-expert; he is a non-expert in almost every field and if you can explain your idea to him, you’re in good shape!

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