MARK Tehoaamu: Stop Manipulating, Start influencing
perjantai 4.3.2016 klo 8:30–13:00 MARK toimisto, Fabianinkatu 4 B, Helsinki

Another day in the office.
Juho the Project Manager is tearing his hair out because the Art Director and Copywriter’s egos cannot seem to work together.
A big presentation is coming up next week but the strategist and creative teams disagree about how to tell the story in their slides.
Juho’s long-term subcontractor is on the phone again complaining about unclear briefs and sliding deadlines. 

Recognise this? You’ve probably noticed the waste of time and money due to these types of misunderstandings. Research discovered that 70% of small to mid-size businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem. Yes, even in the marketing industry.

In all communication, verbal or written, we have basically three modes, or in this case colors.
Blue is what we use most. It refers to anything that has to do with ourself and our opinions.
Green is when we put ourself in somebody else’s shoes and speak from their point of view without imposing our own opinions or judgements on them.
Red is a call for action. It’s proven that separating and using these 3 colours in a particular order and proportion works miracles to influence others.
In general, talking green increases our ability to influence without manipulation.
The Return On Investment (ROI) of these GreenBlueRedTM trainings is easy to notice through : 
• Increased INFLUENCE in sales
• prevented CONFLICTS of ego and smoother teamwork
• reduced MISUNDERSTANDINGS with less time-wasting
• Better creative CONTENT leading to increased marketing TRACTION 
• Personal CONFIDENCE for even the most shy communicators

Curious? Check out this TEDx video :   Join the next workshop by MARK! 

Estève Pannetier is a recognised innovation consultant with a wide experience of different industries, making his talks and workshops inspiring for R&D engineers, Marketeers, Sales executives and Designers to think about how to be people-focussed in innovation. His work around the world as an Anthropologist, Builder, Musician, University Lecturer, Communication coach, Brand Strategist, and Designer has already inspired many people to think out the box and walking away feeling empowered.

Anu Timmerbacka is a daredevil and serial entrepreneur
who has done her life’s work in event marketing.
As a communication coach she is constantly exploring the limits
of how to use GreenBlueRed in daily life. Her bubbly energy and her wide life experience makes the trainings clear and understandable both in business and in relationships.


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