How to turn Marketing into a Revenue Driver?

There’s been a huge power shift from sellers to buyers. Customer journeys are becoming more complex. Data attribution is almost impossible. Most of your leads are not ready to buy. And on top of all, your boss demands more leads each quarter.

Hey B2B marketer, the game has changed!

Here’s the thing.

You don’t need more leads. You need to generate revenue.

B2B marketing can no longer afford to be in a support role. Both your company and your customers expect more from you. There is huge pressure for marketing to become the key revenue driver.

Grow the business, or go home.

B2B Demand Generation is a strategy that moves away from the transactional approach to lead gen, and adopts revenue as a success metric. It frees you from the mindless lead gen campaigns, and lets you experiment to find out what actually works.

This webinar will change your mindset, your metrics and your processes to optimize your marketing for the BUSINESS OUTCOMES that matter.

Prepare to be challenged, and learn practical methods that will help your company grow through marketing.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the old way of doing B2B marketing is no longer working
  • What is demand generation, and how to build your own strategy step-by-step
  • How to run systematic marketing experiments
  • How to align marketing metrics with business outcomes (revenue)
  • Real life cases from B2B fintech, marketing, infrastructure and other industries
  • Live discussion about the challenges that other B2B marketers are facing

This webinar is for B2B Marketing Team Leaders (CMOs, Marketing Directors and Managers) who want to turn marketing into a revenue driver.

The performer is David Blinov, Managing Partner, The F Company.

David has helped Nordic B2B companies generate millions of euros in revenue using modern growth marketing methods. The F Company specializes in transforming marketing in B2B companies into a revenue driver with systematic growth marketing experiments.

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Torstai 3.2.2022 klo 10.00-11.00
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