How B2B companies with long sales cycles turn their marketing into a revenue driver?

David Blinov has seen it all, and knows the pains that marketers face. From proving marketing’s impact on revenue to building a systematic content machine, these pains are familiar to many of you. And it’s time to finally fix them.

We’ll cover the six biggest challenges faced by B2B marketers working with long sales cycles:

  1. What is the role of marketing in complex B2B?
  2. How to align with Sales when they don’t see the value of marketing?
  3. What content do you need to create and capture demand?
  4. How to distribute your content the right way?
  5. What’s the real role of paid marketing?
  6. How to prove marketing’s impact on revenue?

In this focused and actionable webinar, you’ll:

  • Discover the top challenges faced by B2B marketers working with long sales cycles
  • Learn the solutions to each of these challenges
  • Get downloadable frameworks you can actually use
  • Hear real-life examples and cases

David Blinov, Managing Partner, The F Company

David has helped Nordic B2B companies generate millions of euros in revenue using modern marketing methods. The F Company focuses on helping B2B companies with long sales cycles turn marketing into a revenue driver. 

Webinar is in English.

Torstai 16.11.2023 klo 10.00-11.00
(Huom! Jos loppukeskustelua syntyy, varaamme sille aikaa klo 11.15 asti.)

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